Nastran In-CAD 2015 for Solidworks


NastranNastran In-CAD 2015 is now shipping for an integrated environment for Soldiworks.

With a great reputation in the industry the Nastran solver does FEA linear and non-linear analysis.

Adding to the Moldflow, Algor & CFDesign Line Up, Autodesk is now shipping Nastran 2015 and Nastran In-CAD 2015 for an integrated environment for Soldiworks and Inventor.

The solver is also integrated into Autodesks Simulation Mechanical (Local Machine) and Simulation Flex which is a Cloud based solver with local solve capabilities too that does FEA, CFD and Injection Mold Analysis.

Check out the features for Nastran 2015 here and Nastran In-CAD 2015 here


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