Inventor and Revit Fabrication Workflows

Advance Steel Revit Workflows Moving at the Speed of Business
Inventor Revit interop Moving at the Speed of Business Inventor users working with Revit have always found the data exchange tedious, with huge Revit models taking time to import, naming conventions not coming through, only an Element ID, and then once this bloated model came through, having to work with your assembly and the imported Revit model, working at a snails pace, but that all changed when Autodesk introduced Revit rvt files being supported in AnyCAD, a file reference tool in Autodesk Inventor.

Revit to Inventor

inventor 2022 image factory dataset 02 Moving at the Speed of Business When importing a Revit rvt file, the Inventor user has the option to:
  • Import it (convert it to an Inventor model) or
  • Reference it (link it in, like an xref), so if the rvt file changes, it will update
Once you reference the file in, you can start modelling around it or place it in an existing assembly and detail it. Inventor Revit 1 Moving at the Speed of Business Inventor Revit 2 Moving at the Speed of Business Click here to learn more or enquire below.

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