What is #TheFutureofMakingThings ?

inventor 2015 ray tracing Moving at the Speed of Business

Autodesk has launched The Future of Making Things. A vision of how they see future human and business interaction with technology when it comes to engineering, design, analysis and collaboration. At the Autodesk University Keynote address in December, 2014,  Jeff Kowalski, Autodesk SVP and Chief Technology Officer, discussed how Autodesk is looking at technology and design through the lens of…


Autodesk Acquires Circuits.io for PCB Design and Manufacturing

Autodesk strengthens it’s web-based 3D presence and hints towards 3D Printing market. Joining the 123D App family is Circuits.io a web-based and connected community for designing and simulating electronic circuits and will now be branded Autodesk 123D Circuits. Not only can you do PCB design, you can order multi-layer PCB’s from the website too. Other features are a breadboard…