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Autodesk has released the latest 2021.2 version for Inventor on 30/10/2020 and looking through the list, I find that the list is on improvements and resolving issues rather than new features and functionality.

Here’s the list below. For more information visit the Autodesk Inventor Help page

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Add-Ins – Cable and Harness

Resolved a Cable & Harness Loom style color cannot be updated issue. INVGEN-41120

Resolved issue where visibility of the components setting is ignored when editing a Cable & Harness sub assembly. INVGEN-43727

Add-Ins – Content Center

Resolved issue where the Place from Content Center icon (Ribbon) switched to Place icon during placing a component from Content Center. INVGEN-32831

Resolved issue where columns with formulas that reference other columns weren’t working correctly. INVGEN-36130

Resolved issue where Content Center commands were enabled for non-master positional representations when switching between documents. INVGEN-37050

Improved performance when placing large Content Center families. INVGEN-39031

Resolved issue for the Chinese version where Boolean values were translated in the opposite direction. INVGEN-43480

Add-Ins – Design Accelerator

Improved the constraint behavior of bolted connections (BC) by applying temporary ground constraints to keep the BC in position when constraining to them. Temporary constraints are removed afterward. INVGEN-39989

Resolved issue preventing bolted patterns from following the pattern after being edited. INVGEN-41252

Resolved error messaging issue, it is improved for cases where template report files aren’t accessible. INVGEN-41345

Resolved issue that the bolted connection did not insert the correct bolt length. INVGEN-41805

Resolved issue where the bolted connection generator created Through All holes instead of To Face holes. INVGEN-42562

Resolved a refresh Content Center Standard Parts with Bolted Connection sub-assembly issue. INVGEN-42851

Resolved issue that prevented changing the shaft generator element type or deleting the element. INVGEN-43202

Resolved issue that bolted connections did not work properly when the sub-assemble structure was disabled. INVGEN-44310

Resolved issue where Bill of Materials didn’t update correctly after using the Bolted Connection Follow pattern setting. INVGEN-44383

Add-Ins – Frame Generator

An additional index is added at the end of the file name to avoid duplicating file names. INVGEN-39016

Frame Generator property panel. Moved “Zoom” label away from border. INVGEN-39378

Improved stability when working with Frame Generator. INVGEN-41396

Add-Ins – Mold Design

Resolved issue with displaying saved Part Fill Analysis results after reopening the file. INVGEN-2884

Resolved a performance issue with imported data in Mold Design Generate core and cavity. INVGEN-40356

Add-Ins – Simulation

Resolved issue where saved Inventor files (when using the Centaur addin) did not include FEA results when re-opened. INVGEN-41945

Add-Ins – Simulation – Stress Analysis

Improved performance when moving an FEA probe tag. INVGEN-43601

Add-Ins – Task Scheduler

Resolved issue preventing Task Scheduler from  checking files into Vault as part of a migration task. INVGEN-41548

Add-Ins – Tube and Pipe

Resolved issue where file naming defaults and indexing for Tube & Pipe run locations weren’t working correctly. INVGEN-37052

Resolved the issue where dimensions applied to a route did not persist when the Auto Dimension option is OFF. INVGEN-40329

It’s now possible to promote/demote tube and pipe content center components when they are outside the scope of tube and pipe assemblies. INVGEN-40379

Resolved issue preventing you from moving Tube and Pipe components in the browser. INVGEN-41253

Resolved a Tube and Pipe issue where Copy run doesn’t offer unique filenames for populated copied components. Now, when a run with populated route/s is copied, unique filenames for populated components are offered to finish the workflow. INVGEN-43243

Resolved issue where a Tube & Pipe assembly lost its adaptivity. INVGEN-43341

Improved stability when editing a Tube & Pipe route in some models. INVGEN-43347

Improved stability when editing routes in the Tube & Pipe environment. INVGEN-43616

Resolved issue where it was not possible to snap a tube and pipe component to the route end point during component placement. INVGEN-44122

Resolved issue where an unpopulated route did not update and later populate. For 2021 and earlier versions of Inventor. INVGEN-44277

Resolved issue where there are missing context menu commands during tube and pipe fitting placement. INVGEN-46146

Add-Ins – iLogic

Resolved issue where iLogic Form wouldn’t function after changing the Level of Detail and accessing the Bill of Materials. INVGEN-36380

Removed the Page Setup command from the rule editor toolbar. INVGEN-36993

In the iLogic rule editor, autocomplete now works for function parameters. INVGEN-39827

Read only parameters now have a different background color than read/write INVGEN-42780

Resolved issue causing iLogic forms to take a long time to refresh. INVGEN-43789

Resolved issue with Migrate ETO names where Inventor displayed an error or failed to migrate names. INVGEN-44408

Resolved iLogic UI issues related to dark theme. INVGEN-45661

Resolved issue with the Dark Theme where the the Publish 3D PDF dialog box would become too dark to read after creating an iLogic rule. INVGEN-46367


The units of measure defined in Revit data file are now respected during import INVGEN-38659

Resolved issue where the Resolve Link dialog box would display when importing a Pro-e assembly. INVGEN-45694


Improved stability when enabling Suppress on the iProperties/Occurrences tab for a component. INVGEN-43768

Assemblies – BOM

Resolved issue where copying cells in the Bill of Materials would incorrectly overwrite the Quantity and Thumbnail values. INVGEN-42397

Resolved issue where the Bill of Materials Expand All Children setting wasn’t working. INVGEN-42435

Improved stability when working with iAssemblies Bill of Materials. INVGEN-43703

Assemblies – Constraints-Joint-Assemble

Resolved issue that iMate fails to match after replacement. INVGEN-42147

Assemblies – Copy Object

Resolved incremental file naming issue in Copy Component. INVGEN-39719

Assemblies – Design Views

Improved stability when using the undo and redo commands. INVGEN-42611

Resolved issue where Modify Design View Representation changes were not being saved in an assembly. INVGEN-42770

Assemblies – Features-Sketch

Resolved issue where Include Geometry in a 3D Sketch would not create fully constrained geometry. INVGEN-42390

Assemblies – Mirror-Copy-Replace

Resolved issue where Copy Components would corrupt the file when reusing an existing instance. INVGEN-45644


Improved stability when working in the drawing environment. INVGEN-39174

Drawings – Tables

Resolved issue that Inventor failed to set the hole table origin at existing center mark. INVGEN-41662

Drawings – True Connect

Resolved issue where the drawing file size was increased after adding iProperties. INVGEN-37773

Drawings – Views

Resolved issue that 2D constraints were lost in a section view that used projected geometry when the angle of the reference geometry was updated . INVGEN-31205

Resolved issue where the initial drawing scale was not correct. INVGEN-44129

Resolved issue where Realign Auxiliary Views command persisted a raster view when Exported to PDF/DWF. INVGEN-44136

Resolved issue preventing pasting a view into the same location as the original view when the cursor is on sheet. INVGEN-44726


Resolved a stability issue when a derived sheet metal part is resolved to a new file and an update is pending. INVGEN-45273

Parts – 2D Sketch

Resolved a performance issue that occurred when creating sketch patterns. INVGEN-36776

Parts – Derive

Improved stability when editing a derived part sketch. INVGEN-44268

Parts – Extrude-Revolve-Sweep-Coil

Improved performance of Extrude Through All. INVGEN-43112

Parts – Fillet-Chamfer

Improved stability when using fillet to select an edge loop on a non-active component. INVGEN-43787

Improved stability when creating fillets. INVGEN-44154

Resolved issue where applying a variable fillet atop another fillet would exit Inventor, INVGEN-44971

Parts – Hole-Threads

Improved stability when creating a Hole during edit-in place after turning on “Allow Center Point Creation” and placing a Hole center point. INVGEN-43698

Parts – Measure

Improved stability when editing a drawing dimension while a modeless dialog is displayed. INVGEN-44959

Parts – Sheet Metal

Improved stability of the Refold feature. INVGEN-3353

Resolved issue about an API query for FlatBendResult.Bend hangs inventor. INVGEN-44872


Resolved issue where the custom template paths did not populate the  Application Options/File tab fields when using  /IMPORTOPTIONS on Inventor start up. INVGEN-37765

Improved stability of Inventor close when working in the VBA editor. INVGEN-41209

Improved stability when using the und and redo commands. INVGEN-41614

Resolved issue where Save As wasn’t checking to see if another document with the same filename was already open. INVGEN-41661

Improved stability when creating a sketch and an invisible insertion point was corrupt. INVGEN-43763

Platform – Framework

Improved stability when copying and pasting work geometry. INVGEN-45716

Platform – Graphics

Improved stability when editing a sketch pasted from an AutoCAD drawing. INVGEN-42066


The last selected option in the tweak command is retained in the current Inventor session. INVGEN-11506


Resolved issue where the component color was missing when importing Pro/E assembly files. INVGEN-28934

Improved stability when importing an NX assembly which contains parts with issues. INVGEN-41550

Resolved missing face color issue when importing certain step files. INVGEN-42138

Resolved issue where AnyCAD Catia components were in the wrong position when exported to a STEP file. INVGEN-42305

Resolved issue where Export to STEP 242 or to JT, caused unexpected termination. INVGEN-43314

Translators – DWG-DXF

Resolved issue that title block text shifted when exported to an AutoCAD DWG file. INVGEN-44331

Tutorial Framework

Resolved issue preventing you from sharing Guided Tutorials. INVGEN-43609

Resolved issue preventing you from allowing the Tutorial Gallery to work properly with a Proxy server setup. This requires the Windows environment variables: http_proxy and https_proxy. INVGEN-43662


Resolved issue that the Nastran Convergence Settings icon was missing in the Inventor 2021 dark theme. INVGEN-42777

Resolved issue on My Home where the document number wasn’t showing up in the Recent Document section. INVGEN-44172

Resolved issue that the in-canvas edit box did not accept input when the model was open in a separate window. INVGEN-45983

UI – Browser

Fixed the color of the ‘unresolved’ icon for dark mode. INVGEN-43860

Improved the stability of suppressing unresolved content center files. INVGEN-44379

UI – Customization

Resolved issue that 3DA and Vault commands were removed from Quick Access Toolbar after restarting  Inventor twice. INVGEN-43198

Resolved issue where a Macro button vanished from a custom panel after adding an optional parameter to the method. INVGEN-46035

UI – Mini Toolbar

Resolved issue causing View Navigation to respond very slowly when the appearance Adjust command is active under Dark theme. INVGEN-43761

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