Mockup 360 Now in Product Design Suite 2015

mockup 360 Moving at the Speed of Business

Open Collaboration Services Added to the Suite’s Subscription Services.

If real-time open collaboration (regardless of CAD tool), large scale 3D visualisation, clash detection analysis and project management ticks boxes as benefits in your design workflows, then take a look at Mockup 360.

Product Design Suite Services are cloud based services such as Autodesk 360 (Document Hosting, Sharing, Editing & Collaboration), Optimisation Studies for Inventor & Cloud-Based Rendering. The 2015 edition comes with Mockup 360 & Remote Access.

PDS 2015 Subs

Mockup 360

Mockup 360 To summarise; it’s Autodesk Navisworks in the cloud and you also get an add-in for Inventor to upload your work to Mockup 360. The video below is a first time run to see how it handles.

Moving parts around is pretty easy, constraining/mating parts is pretty simple in the way you can only snap parts together. There aren’t any moving component constraint tools. The clash detection seemed to work ok too.

I invited myself to collaborate when I added annotations but couldn’t figure it out. I tried to login and access it on my phone using my other Autodesk 360 account to no avail. Whether it was because I tried to do it all on one machine and it got confused, I don’t know, but it wasn’t simple enough for me.


The add-in for Inventor worked nicely but the files formats Mockup 360 supports is limited to Navisworks, DWF, JT, Sat, Step and STL. If you upload files to your Autodesk 360 account, you’ll be able to open a wide variety of formats from Autodesk and other CAD vendors.

I downloaded various formats and they were able to be opened and inserted:

Mockup 360 Insert





















Here’s the video reviewing Mockup 360


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