Whats New in Autodesk Vault 2024

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Check out what's new in the latest Autodesk Vault 2024 release

What's New in Autodesk Vault 2024

Autodesk Vault 2024 is out with a focus on enforcing standards, delivering intuitive tools and administrative enhancements

Autodesk Vault 2024 is out with a focus on enforcing standards, delivering intuitive tools and administrative enhancements. Focus on the Work Export more design formats for downstream collaboration. Create new projects from a template structure. Enforcing Standards Manage and distribute Inventor template and design data. Enforce peer review during the design process. Intuitive Tools for Collaboration User-interface enhancements for more intuitive workflows and workflow enhancements.

Authors: More features for CAD users in Vault 2024 to Focus on the Work

Job Processor: DXF and STEP

Users can export DXF and STEP files for manufacturing, suppliers, and subcontractors as part of the release process.

  • On-demand DXF/STEP publish
  • DXF/STEP publish on state transition
  • Sync LC state and revision on DXF/STEP files
  • DXF/STEP file getting created in vault to use Design Rep classification and PDF like workflow
  • DXF/STEP file publish options like PDF publish options

Copy Design Enhancements

Design re-use efficiency by reducing number of clicks to complete the workflow and pre-checks to prevent errors prior to creating a new design variation.

  • More usability by enabling Copy/Paste in the copy design numbering panel
  • Use the Copy/Paste functionality to edit multiple row values in and excel spreadsheet and then copy them to the Copy Design with one operation
  • More guidance through highlight restriction before copy operations start (property: –)
  • Export File list within the warning dialog

Copy Design BOM Enhancements

Newly copied parts can be assigned to an Item immediately after Copy Design is executed.

Copy Design updates the BOM information in part files without having to open them in Inventor first

Copy Folder Structure

You can setup a new project quickly and start with a known folder structure.

  • Users can create a project folder from a template or previous folder structure
  • Copy Folder Structure permissions and Properties

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Insert Punch Tool from Vault

Users can select sheet metal punches from Vault when they are not in the local workspace.

Browse for 3D iFeature shapes from Vault to be inserted into the sheet metal face.

Administrators: Enforcing Vault Standards for Gratere Project Compliance

Inventor Design Data & Template Management

CAD Administrator can create and deploy template updates to users easily through Vault. Users remain up-to-date with templates and design data without manual updates.

The focus in 2024 is to create an Inventor\Vault integrated experience for the Template and Design Data Files with automatic updates of Templates and Design Data within specific workflows.

Peer Review

Control the lifecycle process by requiring a different user to transition to the next state. 

With this new user requirement, you can configure the Vault State transition to require Four Eyes Check and configure multiple rules for which files require Peer Review based on property values.

Job Processor

Apply retry strategy to visualization and custom jobs to reduce administration and user disruption to re-submit such jobs manually.

  • Automatic Retry capability for failed Job
  • Specify retry strategy between 1 and 10 attempts
  • The Job Processor will retry the failed jobs automatically without manual intervention

Thin Client Admin Settings

Administrators can set default columns for all Thin Client users in Autodesk Vault 2024.

Backup/Restore Enhancements

In Vault 2024, there is more flexibility in the Vault Server backup command to assist with backing up specified data components. This enhancement helps customers with large Vault environments that cannot use the existing backup command in the Vault Server.

Participants: Intuitive Vault Tools in 2024 for Project Collaboration

Thin Client – Enhancements

Select the Vault you need at the time of signing into the Thin Client and the Vault drop-down list shows the available Vault on the Server.

  • Improve interactions and control within the Thin Client interface with control for Expanding or Collapsing All for Objects with Structure.

Advanced Search capabilities paired with a modern UI for better experience:

  • Save searches as bookmarks in the browser
  • Search individual workspaces or multiple workspaces
  • Search workspaces of choice with search parameters
  • Search current folders and sub-folders
  • Find latest version only

Inventor Read-Only Vault Add-in

The Vault Add-in in Autodesk Vault Professional 2024 is available in Inventor Read-only, so users can open files and get access to Vault data directly from Inventor Read-only allowing users to review models efficiently without going between applications.

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Check out what's new in the latest Autodesk Vault 2024 release