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Autodesk Vault Mobile App

Autodesk set to release mobile app for Vault

With the push towards cloud computing, connectivity and collaboration, Autodesk Vault has largely remained a local network environment data management system. It had recently added project sync where Vault data could be synchronised with BIM 360 or Fusion 360 Teams cloud systems, however, lacked it’s own mobile application.

They recently announced a webinar on August 25, where they will be showcasing the new mobile app for Autodesk Vault.

Vault in the Cloud

Autodesk Vault can also be hosted in the cloud. If you’re interested in running Vault in the cloud, Design Consulting offers cloud hosting and system deployments for Vault.

Vault Utilities

If you need additional adminstration features or want more productivity out of Vault, take a look at IMAGINiT Utilities for Vault.

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CDE System Architecture

ISO 19650 Common Data Environment

This article on CDE’s for BIM Projects will go through the various types of infrastructures and workflows and how Design Consulting can deploy various types of system architectures to meet your requirements. 

CDE System Architecture 

System Architecture (or I.T. Infrastructure) for Common Data Environments can be configured a number ways depending on team and stakeholder locations, collaboration and security requirements. 

While ISO 19650 compliance is important and having the system and standards in place, what is equally important is having the system architecture to be able to collaborate effectively and securely across networks.  

Design Consulting have unique CDE solutions that are ISO 19650 compliant with automation, analytics and user accessibility in mind so stakeholders can focus more on the project rather than compliance and data entry that can also adhere to company security standards. 

Three CDE’s (System Architecture) we propose are Local, Public Cloud and Private Cloud. We can also of course have a hybrid approach and have a blend of the above. 

The CDE Design Consulting propose consists of:  

  • A centralised secure data management system to access project data for archiving, life-cycle management and reporting 
  • A secure WIP (Work in Progress) environment for architects, designers and engineers
  • An enterprise system for automating tasks such as deliverables, snapshots and moving files between folders and systems and providing BIM managers with analytics. 

Here’s are some diagrams of the three CDE variations: 

The main difference between the three is the use of BIM 360 or Revit Server in providing a secure WIP environment. 

While Public Cloud is the most open and easiest to configure for WIP Projects, it may not adhere to company security policies. The local and cloud based CDE can also exclusively be run in the cloud as well, with local users accessing the server environment through a private cloud.

Design Consulting can deploy technology at a global or local scale, so if you are looking at implementing a CDE solution from a Technology Service Provider that are experts in BIM and IT, contact us to learn more. 

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What’s New in Autodesk Vault 2017

Autodesk Vault’s new features add functionality to the system and new features for applications outside of traditional AutoCAD and Inventor use. There’s been a number of enhancements on simplifying file/folder security and new interfaces and controls for administration. Here’s the list: New Object Security Framework (Vault Workgroup & Professional) This new framework offers a dual-gate security model that combines state-security…