What’s New in Autodesk Vault 2017

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Autodesk Vault’s new features add functionality to the system and new features for applications outside of traditional AutoCAD and Inventor use. There’s been a number of enhancements on simplifying file/folder security and new interfaces and controls for administration.

Here’s the list:

New Object Security Framework (Vault Workgroup & Professional)Copy publish

This new framework offers a dual-gate security model that combines state-security with folder security. For users who prefer the legacy model, Vault provides the flexibility to use both.

Single User / Multi User Subscription (Vault Workgroup & Professional): Autodesk now offer Vault in Single User and Multi User Subscription offerings

Factory Integration: Learn more about the Factory Design Suite integration here

Update Items: Vault Professional 2017 by default turns off the function of breaking the link between a file and an item during an item update

Check Files into a Vault from a Different Computer: When using the Vault client, you can check files into a vault from a different machine from the one used to check the files out

Multi-Select for File Lifecycle State Change Rollback (Vault Workgroup & Professional): When you roll back the lifecycle state, you can multi-select files instead of one by one.

Custom Object Linked Property (Vault Workgroup & Professional)

You can now link:

  • two defined custom object entities
  • a custom object and a file, folder, or item entity
  • a folder and a file, folder, or item entity.

New Folder List View in Copy Design: Use the find and replace capabilities to update the folder path string and substitute values to simplify the path structure where there are comlex rules in place.

Improved Password Security

New Auto-Fix Feature for Certain Pre-checks: Administrators can automatically re-test and fix  IIS Connection Timeout while doing the ASP Status pre-check. This can still be done manually too.