Revit Architecture and MEP Workflows with Simulation, CFD Dynamo and Autodesk Rendering

combining Revit, dynamo, simulation cfd and Autodesk cloud rendering
combining Revit, dynamo, simulation cfd and Autodesk cloud rendering

Revit Architecture and MEP Workflows

Building and Internal Airflow Analysis using Revit, Simulation CFD, Dynamo and Autodesk Cloud Rendering

We all need to collaborate better and a picture speaks a thousands words. Typically BIM collaboration has largely been done by linking in Architectural, MEP and Structural models but when you combine BIM models and computational fluid dynamic analysis, the results are limitless as the video below illustrates how Architects, MEP designers and Engineers can collaborate better through Autodesk Revit.

Autodesk Revit to Simulation CFD

Autodesk Revit CFD 0 CFD Simulation Moving at the Speed of Business

Once the Revit model has been shared with the Engineer and they have completed their analysis, results can be exported to a spreadsheet.

Until recently, there’s been no way of importing those results into Revit to coordinate CFD analysis with a BIM model, however, through Dynamo visual scripting we are able to bridge the gap between excel data and BIM modelling.

Sending CFD Results as Models to Revit via Dynamo

Autodesk Dynamo Training Fundamentals Course. For Revit, Advance Steel or Civil 3D or customised to suit your project needs.

Dynamo is a visual scripting language that has suport for a wide range of formats and in this scenario we imported CFD coordinate data and positioned them correctly to be able to visualise results with the BIM model, to coordinate with various stakeholders to make better design choices.

Autodesk Cloud Rendering

combining Revit, dynamo, simulation cfd and Autodesk cloud rendering

Using the Autodesk Cloud Rendering service, a panorama render can be processed in the cloud and shared amongst non-CAD users and either using a browser, the recipient of the file can view in 360 the impacts of the design and the airflow behaviour.

Optionally, you can be immersed into a virtual reality environment using any popular VR headset and device.

Click here to view the  panorama

AEC Collection + Simulation CFD

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Apart from Autodesk Simulation CFD, Revit, Dynamo and Autodesk Rendering is available through your AEC Collection, however, there may be additional fees for high-quality renders through Autodesk Rendering service utilising cloud credits.


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