Free Digital Twin Solution from Autodesk

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Free Digital Twin Solution from Autodesk

Harnessing BIM to realise Digital Twins Transforming the Built Asset Lifecycle.

Autodesk Tandem is a Digital Twin cloud solution to provide a digital replica of built assets to provide the necessary operation and behavioural awareness to simulate, predict and make informed decisions based on real world conditions.

Autodesk Tandem helps AEC firms harness BIM (Building Information Modelling) data throughout the project lifecycle to create and handover a digital twin. Autodesk Tandem helps owners connect operational systems to the digital twin turning fragmented data into business intelligence.

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Autodesk Tandem provides flexible and configurable building blocks that will enable AEC firms and owners to create and manage data-rich digital twins that mirror the built environment they represent. This allows for a more integrated workflow, whereby specifying, capturing and verifying the data—and collaboration between owners and project teams—will help achieve the desired operational outcomes.

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