Twinmotion Now In Revit And AEC Collection


Exciting news!  Twinmotion is now officially included with Autodesk Revit subscriptions!

Announced at Autodesk University in September, it’s finally here!  Autodesk have collaborated with Epic Games to include Twinmotion with all Revit subscriptions. Whether you subscribe to the AEC Collection or standalone Revit, use Flex pricing or have an education license, you now have at your fingertips the real-time visualisation power of Twinmotion for Revit.

Twinmotion’s real-time rendering capabilities enable architectural storytelling through real-time visualisation.

With Twinmotion for Revit, Revit users can now easily bring their designs to life with high-quality visualisations in a fast, interactive creative process. Everything from photorealistic stills and animations to compelling immersive VR is all now possible. 

Launch Twinmotion for Revit directly from the Revit ribbon in Revit 2023.1. Immerse yourself in the intuitive creator environment, turning your design data into photo-realistic stills, scenes, and scenarios. Present a powerful picture of how your design is working, making it easier to evaluate options, make decisions and take clients and stakeholders through impressive experiences that  add shine and sophistication to your design communications. You can then utiilise your impressive content to win more work!

From project stills and animations, to VR experiences: Autodesk and Epic Games have now introduced powerful new tools into Revit that showcase your creativity, illuminate your insights, and help you better connect digital and physical worlds.

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