Fusion 360 now comes in Product Design Suite

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The Suite just got a whole lot more…

As of today all existing and new customers who have Product Design Suite Premium or Ultimate and are on subscription, will now receive Fusion 360 as part of their subscription.

Premium customers will get Fusion 360, Ultimate customers get Fusion 360 Ultimate.

pds & fusion 360

What additional benefits do Product Design Suite Customers get by having Fusion 360?

Product Design Suite already has AutoCAD, Inventor, 3ds Max and Alias Design depending on Suite version, so with Fusion 360 being a design tool, there is some overlap, however, it’s the right tool for the right job and here’s where I see Fusion 360 having merit to your design workflow:

  • PC & Mac Compatible – One CAD system that can be run on PC and Mac.
  • Industrial Design & Complex Geometry – Fusion 360 has one of the best Sub-D tools for Surface Modelling.
  • Model from Scanned Designs – Object Snap your CAD Design from Scanned 3D Meshes.
  • Motion Studies – Run motion studies. (Dynamic Simulation comes in Inventor Professional only).
  • Integrated CAM – Fusion 360 Ultimate comes with CAM 360 for 3 axis machining (For Product Design Suite Ultimate only).
  • Real-Time Cloud Rendering – Render images in the cloud without chewing up local machine resources and have stakeholders see the latest version in a rendered state automatically.
  • Data Management & Version Control – You have real-time collaboration and email notifications, version control, related items,  searching, tagging, links, polls, events, etc. and it’s all ready to go without the need for setup and it’s available on web-enabled devices such as PC, Mac, Tablet and Smartphone devices.
  • CAD in a Web Browser – Future releases of Fusion 360 will run in a Web Browser.

Check out some screen shots of the Autodesk 360 Hub:

Basic Rendering set on Low Quality

real-time rendering

Version ControlA360 Hub

Real-Time Email Notifications Email notification

Collaboration and 3D Viewing
Fusion 360