Factory Design Suite 2016 Beta Videos

realview 2 Moving at the Speed of Business

Take a sneak peak at the Factory Utility enhancements with the upcoming 2016 Release here.

Here’s a summary of the enhancements:

  • Asset Properties have added functionality allowing more metadata.
  • Copying and editing of assets is easier in Inventor.
  • You can batch publish block libraries as Factory Assets in AutoCAD.
  • New Update Assets functionality inside Inventor.
  • Better Point Cloud Integration with the ability to create Factory Assets from Point Cloud data.
Point Cloud

Dropping in an Asset created from a Point Cloud.

  • Integrating Recap Realview markers and views into AutoCAD, Inventor and Navisworks.
Realview 1

Click a Marker to get a view of the Point Cloud

Realview 2

Get a 360 view of the point cloud from the marker position.

Sign up for Beta here.

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