Redstack Launches the Pegasus UAV

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DSC06586Redstack has launched the Pegasus UAV for the Australian market. Based on a DJI S900, this professional grade customised UAV took flight yesterday and impressed us all.
The Pegasus is ultra portable, made of lightweight materials and has a Hex V motor configuration, providing a flight time of 18 minutes (@1200mAh & 6.8Kg Take-Off Weight). It weighs in at 3.3 kilograms with a maximum weight of 8.2Kg.

It has some great innovations, such a multi-rotor one-motor fail protection and especially in the arm design, giving more stability when pitching and rolling, yet still providing flexibility when rotating, which is a challenge in other UAV’s.

It produced excellent footage from the SLR-HD camera and with the HD video downlink via WiFi you get a instant stream to your PC. Since the Pegasus has retractable landing gear, you get excellent viewing angles. The camera gimbals and specifically designed dampers ensure clearer footage by reducing vibration.


Redstack uses DJI primary components with custom options developed to suit various industries, such as:

  • Propellor guards and shielding
  • Outfitting it with FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) camera for power utilities to gauge heat variances in their power line inspections
  • Multi-spectural camera for agricultural applications which can be used inconjunction with FLIR
  • Supplied with two heavy duty travel cases; one for a charging station, the other whas a 15″ LED Screen
  • It comes with 3 batteries. A full cell charge is approxiamtely 30 minutes, so you should have continuous fly
  • Custom lined pelican case for portability

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To fly the peg commercially you need to be CASA certified or Redstack can hire out a Pilot and/or the vehicle too.

To find out more visit the Redstack Pegasus page.

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