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Media & Entertainment Collection IC Commercial New Single-user ELD 3-Year Subscription

Autodesk Media and Entertainment Collection

The most comprehensive 3D modelling and animation set of tools for the media, gaming, film, visualiastion and effects industries.
3ds Max
Cutting edge 3D modelling, effects, animation and rendering.
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State of the art 3D modelling and animation software for film, television and gaming.
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Advanced Monte Carlo ray tracing renderer
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Navisworks Manage
3D Character animation software
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What is the Media and Entertainment Collection?


Compare the M&E Collection to 3ds Max, Maya and Maya LT.

Included Software

See what software is included in the M&E Industry Collection.


Programs and plug-ins to boost productivity.


Subscription pricing and comparison to standalone subscriptions.


Learn about products, workflows and related products.


The Autodesk Media and Entertainment Industry Collection is a compilation of software titles for the film, television and gaming industries which give the ability to 3D model, design and animate the most complex scenes and worlds.

  • Render ultra realistic scenes and characters with Arnold.

  • Create VFX such as explosions, fire, sand and snow.

  • Choose from a range of 3D modelling, sculpting, texturing and painting tools.

See how animation,VFX and games studios use the Media and Entertainment Collection to create some of the best games, TV shows and movies out there today.

Take on the biggest features in your pipeline with the M&E Industry Collection.

Included Software

The most comprehensive selection of cutting-edge 3D Modelling, rigging, texturing, animation and VFX software and cloud tools comes within the Media and Entertainment Collection.

3ds max badge

3ds Max

3D Modelling, animation, rendering and visual effects software.


3D Modelling, animation, rendering and visual effects software..


High-end Monte Carlo Renderer.

Motion Builder

Character animation software.


3D sculpting and painting software.


Sketching and painting software.

Exceptional Value

Compare buying the M&E Collection to buying each title separately. If you need more than one application, getting an Industry Collection is the best value choice. Please note that all prices quoted below exclude GST.


$ 8,545 3 Year Subscription
  • Discounted
  • Price locked in for 3 Years
  • Includes updates and support


Compare the Media & Entertainment Collection to other products such as 3ds Max, Maya and Maya LT.

  • M&E Collection
  • 3ds Max
  • Maya
  • Maya LT
M&E Collection3ds MaxMayaMaya LT
/year Ex. GST
/year Ex. GST
/year Ex. GST
/year Ex. GST
3D Modelling
Freeform, NURBS Sub-divisional modelling
Ability to animate scenes
Paint selection
3D object painting tools
Create complex textures on 3D models
Character animation rigging
freeform 3D sculpting tools
Turtle texture baking
Layering system to setup baking
Motion Graphics
Procedural effects with instanced objects
Animation deformation
Non-linear, lattice, blend, point-on-curve, texture, shrink wrap, geodesic voxel, heat mat and paint skin weights (features may differ between 3ds Max and Maya)
Basic rendering
Hypershade, visor, shaderFX, colour management, DX11, HLSL and CgFX support (Features may differ between 3ds Max and Maya)
Advanced rendering
Arnold renderer, render setup, vector, render window, IPR, toon shader (Features may differ between 3ds Max and Maya)
Cloud based rendering
Autodesk cloud rendering service
Advanced constraints
Geometry, normal and straight constraints (Features may differ between 3ds Max and Maya)
Advanced deformation
Delta mush, Maya muscle, wrinkle, wrap, sculpt, soft mod, cluster, jiggle and wire (Features may differ between 3ds Max and Maya)
Dynamics and effects
Special effects such as particle systems, hair, fur, fluids, bi-frost, Xgen, cloth, bullet and rigid/soft body (Features may differ between 3ds Max and Maya)
PSD file support
Supports Photoshop files
Camera sequencer
Multi-camera layout, sequencer playlist and grease pencil (Features may differ between 3ds Max and Maya)
Scripting and coding
Support for Python, .NET, C++, Qt
MEL script
Maya scripting language
Max Script
3ds Max scripting language
Open API
Create or use custom plug-ins and Viewport 2.0 API
Custom Maya objects
Create a library of primitives and polygon objects
Data and scene management
Tools for node editor, file referencing, Alembic support, scene assembly, auto 3D camera tracking
2D sketching and painting
Features available in Sketchbook
Point cloud pre-processing
Features available in Recap Pro
Character generator
3D character generator service
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M&E Collection Add-Ons

Check out these programs and plug-ins to boost productivity even further.
Professional video effects software.
Node-based 3D compositing software
Visual effects finishing software

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