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Autodesk AutoCAD LT is 2D CAD software that can be used for all industries to design, review, annotate, draft and document.

Work anywhere anytime

Use cloud storage, web and mobile apps to be always connected to your projects, designs, clients and team members.

Share, view, design, draft and annotate on any device, anywhere, anytime.


Check out what’s new with AutoCAD, extended workflows, 2D drafting and 3D modelling capabilities.

Compare versions of drawings.

Compare XREF versions.

Blocks Palette enhancements.

Design Consulting Autodesk AutoCAD performance enhancements 1 Moving at the Speed of Business

Experience faster performance with improved save and install times and multicore CPU support for orbit, pan and zoom.

Open, view, edit and create drawings on any desktop, web or mobile device.

Access any DWG file with Autodesk cloud storage or through other leading cloud storage providers.

Quick Measure by hovering over with the mouse.

Compare two versions of a drawing inside the current window.

Easily purge and remove multiple objects simulataneously.

Create single text objects from single or multi-line text.

Automatic dimension creation with preview capabilities.

Create leaders from text or blocks with comprehensive formatting tools.

Create and edit centrelines and centre marks that are referenced to associated objects and move collectively  

Create data tables with rows and columns for data, attributes, symbols and hyperlinks. Apply formulas and link spreadsheets to tables.

Collaborate and mark-up drawings with revision clouds.

Name views in layouts and easily find them.

Setup templates by nominating sheet size, placing title blocks and place multiple views to annotate.

Use intelligent fields in text objects that automatically update when field values are modified.

Design Consulting Autodesk AutoCAD Link Excel 1 Moving at the Speed of Business

Live link Excel spreadsheets with AutoCAD drawing tables.

Design Consulting Autodesk AutoCAD Data Extraction Moving at the Speed of Business

Extract valuable meta data from objects, blocks, attributes and drawing information.

Design Consulting Autodesk AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks Moving at the Speed of Business

Use Dynamic blocks to create configurable blocks that automatically change shape or size based on a configuration or field modification.

Exceptional Value

Get AutoCAD LT or bundled in with Inventor LT or Revit LT in a Suite. Prices quoted below exclude GST.


$ 3 Year Subscription
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  • Includes updates and support


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/year Ex. GST
/year Ex. GST
2D Design
2D design, sketching and block tools with model space
2D Drafting
Place views from model space and annotate drawings with dimensions, leaders, symbols, hatching, etc,
Link to Excel
Link design tables to Excel
Import PDF
Import and convert PDF's to AutoCAD vector
Revision Clouds
Create revision clouds for collaboration
3D Modelling
Solid, surface and mesh objectsmodelling tools with model space
Express Tools
Over 80 LISP routines to automate tasks
Render photo realistic models from 3D models
Cloud Rendering
Send render jobs to Autodesk cloud rendering service
Import point clouds
Import recap point cloud files
Basic rendering
Hypershade, visor, shaderFX, colour management, DX11, HLSL and CgFX support (Features may differ between 3ds Max and Maya)
Open API
Create or use custom plug-ins and Viewport 2.0 API
Specialised Toolsets
AutoCAD Architecture, Electrical, MAP 3D, MEP, Plant 3D and Raster Design
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