Autodesk PDM Collection

Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection is a complete set of tools for the design, analysis, visualisation, documentation and manufacturing of products for manufacturing, industrial design, fabrication and defence.
Inventor Professional
Professional grade electromechanical 3D CAD software that can design products, plastics, sheet metal, weldments, automate, simulate, produce bills of materials, 2D fabrication level detailing and documentation.
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Specialised toolsets for Architecture, Mechanical, Plant, Electrical,GIS design and drafting.
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Fusion 360
Powerful cloud based 3D CAD/CAM software for product design
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Inventor CAM
2.5 to 5 axis CAM
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Inventor Nastran
Non-Linear FEA simulation
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Navisworks Manage
Model coordination, project review, 2D/3D quantity take off, 5D scheduling and clash detection
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What is the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection?


Compare the PDM Collection to Inventor Professional and Inventor LT.

Included Software

See what software is included in the PDM Industry Collection.


Programs and plug-ins to boost productivity.


Learn about products, workflows and related products.

PDM Collection Overview

The Autodesk PDM Industry Collection is a compilation of software titles for the manufacturing industry which gives the ability to 3D model, design, automate, visualise, animate, simulate, document and draft designs in 2D.

  • Create high-tolerance, fabrication level detailed designs for electromechanical products and fabricated structures.

  • Optimise designs with analysis, generative design, visualisation and simulation tools.

  • End to end CAD/CAM digital prototyping solution.

Integrated CAD/CAM and Nesting

The Product Design & Manufacturing Collection comes with Inventor CAM and Inventor Nesting, being one of the few, if only product set in the market with the exceptional 3D CAD modelling and detailing features of Inventor with integrated 2.5 to 5 axis CAM and Nesting..

Inventor and AutoCAD Workflows

Use the right tool for the right job. Reference AutoCAD 2D CAD data into Inventor designs and drawings and detail Inventor models in AutoCAD.

Inventor and Fusion Workflows

Use Fusion 360 generative design studies to explore design alternatives and optimise product preformance or cost.

Inventor and Revit Workflows

Reference Revit projects and use Inventor BIM interoperability tools to publish BIM data to Revit and other sources.

Included Software

The most comprehensive selection of cutting-edge BIM and CAD design, visualisation and analysis software and cloud tools comes within the AEC Collection.

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Inventor Professional

Tools for parts and assembly modelling, automation, sheet metal, weldments, electrical, tube & pipe, bills of materials and 2D detailing.

Fusion 360

Cloud based CAD/CAM for PC and Mac with simulation and PCB design.

Inventor Tolerance Analysis

Analyse tolerances and the impact of variations in dimensions.


2D/3D design and drafting software with specialised toolsets for mechanical, electrical schematics, plant design, GIS and more.

Inventor Nesting

Integrated parametric nesting software for Inventor Professional.

Navisworks Manage

Project coordination, data aggregation, 5D scheduling, quantification, simulation and visualisation software.

Inventor CAM

Integrated 2.5 to 5 axis CAM for Inventor Professional with automation and simulation.

Recap Pro

Reality capture, photogrammetry and 3D scanning point cloud software.

Inventor Nastran

Non-Linear FEA integrated into Inventor Professional.

Factory Design Utilities

Process analysis and 2D/3D layout tools for AutoCAD, Inventor Professional and Navisworks.

HSM Works

Integrated 2.5 to 5 axis CAM for Solidworks.

3ds Max

3D modelling, rendering, animation and simulation software.

Autodesk Rendering

Cloud based rendering for Revit, 3ds Max, Navisworks and AutoCAD.

Autodesk Drive

Cloud storage and collaboration for CAD.


Compare the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection to other products such as Inventor Professional, AutoCAD Inventor LT suite and Inventor Professional LT.

  • PDM Collection
  • Inventor Professional
  • AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite
  • Inventor LT
PDM CollectionInventor Professional AutoCAD Inventor LT SuiteInventor LT
3D Parametric Part Modelling
B-REP surfacing, solid body and multi-body part modelling
Direct Editing
Direct editing (push-pull) part modelling environment
Freeform Modelling
NURBS with T-Splines part modelling environment
Plastic Part Design
Mold and die modelling environment
Local Rendering
Ray-trace rendering on your PC
2D Design
2D design functionality in AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT
2D Drafting
2D views, annotations, leaders, etc.
3D Parametric Assembly Modelling
Place multiple parts in an assembly file and use constraints and joints to assemble
Weldment assembly environment used with frame generator to model structural frames
Sheet Metal Modelling
Tools for sheet metal design, flat patterns and 2D symbols and annotations
Electrical Cable and Harnessing
Tools tools to route electrical cables, harnesses and detail nailboards
Electrical Schematics
Design electrical control systems and switchboards with reports such as from/to and wire lists
EMX Project
Synch between AutoCAD Electrical schematicsand Inventor Professional cable harnesses
Tube and Piping
Tools to design flexible hose, tubes and pipes
Design Automation
Simplified code and forms to automate 3D model, drawings and connect to Excel
Content Centre Library
Customisable library of parts such as steel profiles and fasteners
Draft Analysis
Analyse drafts
Clash and interference detection
Detect clashes or interferences between parts in assemblies
Material cost/impact
Ability to select a material based on the environmental/cost impact
BIM Interoperability
Prepare models and export to RFA, adsk or IFC
Point Clouds
Import point clouds via Recap
Point Cloud Pre-Processing
Tools found in Recap Pro
Bill of Materials
Create bills of materials and tabvles from parts and assemblies
Associative import of CAD parts and assembly files
Application Programming Interface (API)
Install plug-ins, create plug-ins, macros and run Dynamo scripts
Linear FEA
Linear and Dynamic FEA simulation studies
Non-Linear FEA
FEA tools in Inventor Nastran
Features found in Inventor CAM and HSMWorks
Nesting tools in Inventor Nesting
Tolerance Analysis
Features found in Inventor Tolerance Analysis
Architecture Design
Features found in AutoCAD specialised toolsets
GIS Mapping
Features found in AutoCAD specialised toolsets
Raster Tools
Features found in AutoCAD specialised toolsets
Plant Design
Features found in AutoCAD specialised toolsets
P&ID Schematics
Features found in AutoCAD specialised toolsets
Clash Detection
Features found in Navisworks Manage
5D Scheduling
Features found in Navisworks Manage
Project Review and Coordination
Features found in Navisworks Manage
Production Rendering and Animation
Features found in 3ds Max
Process Analysis
Bottleneck simulation and reporting for factory and assembly line layouts
Synch AutoCAD and Inventor Professional
2D/3D Factory Assets to synch AutoCAD 2D layouts with Inventor Professional 3D models

PDM Collection Add-Ons

Check out these programs and plug-ins to boost productivity even further.
Enterprise data management.
Additive manufacturing simulation and optimisation.
Cloud Collaboration with Fusion 360 Team Participant
Machine tool probing software for on machine verification and inspection.
Computational Fluid Dynamic software to simulate loads, air and fluid flows.
Injection mold simulation software

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