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Studio Wall – PDM for Industrial Designers

studio wall

Usually traditional PDM systems are too complex for Industrial Design requirements but these systems do offer benefits like project management, lifecycles and search capabilities, so Autodesk has launched Studio Wall, a visual data management solution for Industrial Designers. Most users want to be able to quickly search for files, compare them and be able to manage the lifecycle of the…


Holden Special Vehicles use Autodesk to Showcase their Designs

HSV use Autodesk software for two main reasons, Visualisation & Surfacing. With Autodesk Showcase they explore different design and styling options without creating a physical prototype for each option. Not only does it allow them to explore options, they use it to spot issues with the finish and correct them. Since Showcase is a real time renderer, they also use…


Moving from Pen and Pad to Pen and CAD

Digitising Concept Sketch Designs Change… hard to do but necessary when the world around you changes and it’s challenging to move from what you know to something better and having to re-learn, but it doesn’t have to be. Designs usually start with a pen and pad and a lot of erasing and design changes and variations, which is why…