Holden Special Vehicles use Autodesk to Showcase their Designs

HSV use Autodesk software for two main reasons, Visualisation & Surfacing. With Autodesk Showcase they explore different design and styling options without creating a physical prototype for each option. Not only does it allow them to explore options, they use it to spot issues with the finish and correct them.

holden_special_vehicles_larger_2_800x600 (1)

Since Showcase is a real time renderer, they also use it to market and configure products prior to production and rely on Showcase for 100% of their imagery so customers can fly around the vehicle and choose different paint and wheel options.

HSV have also been using Autodesk Alias for over a decade for their Class-A surfacing and tooling, where they can import models, surface the exteriors & wheels, maintain clearances and assess the tangency of surfaces.

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Autodesk Showcase is available in all Autodesk Design Suites and Alias is available in Standalone for Automotive & Industrial Design or in Product Design Suite or AutoCAD Design Suite for Industrial Design.

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