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How Nissan Motorsport utilise Autodesk Technology

nissanmotot Moving at the Speed of Business

In 2012, Kelly Racing started up Nissan Motorsport for the V8 Supercar championship. I had the pleasure of visiting the site in Braeside today with Autodesk and taking a tour with Craig Spencer, who is General Manager of Technical And Engineering Operations. Craig has a wealth of experience most recently moving from the Mercedez-Benz Formula 1 team to join Kelly Racing….


Studio Wall – PDM for Industrial Designers

studio wall Moving at the Speed of Business

Usually traditional PDM systems are too complex for Industrial Design requirements but these systems do offer benefits like project management, lifecycles and search capabilities, so Autodesk has launched Studio Wall, a visual data management solution for Industrial Designers. Most users want to be able to quickly search for files, compare them and be able to manage the lifecycle of the…


Alias Design: Class A Surfacing for the Mainstream

When People Buy Your Products Because They Look Better. A Class A Surface can be defined as one without physical imperfection. In the Automotive world, Class A Surfaces are mandatory as any reflection while highlight any imperfections, and have been used for Automotive surfaces for years, but what about consumer products, why doesn’t this market segment demand Class A…


Holden Special Vehicles use Autodesk to Showcase their Designs

HSV use Autodesk software for two main reasons, Visualisation & Surfacing. With Autodesk Showcase they explore different design and styling options without creating a physical prototype for each option. Not only does it allow them to explore options, they use it to spot issues with the finish and correct them. Since Showcase is a real time renderer, they also use…


Autodesk Pushes Further Into Automotive Space

The Recent Acquisitions of VSR & Delcam Make It a Serious Player It’s pretty clear what Autodesk’s goal is; World Domination! It’s got it’s fingers in every industry that uses software for engineering and design. In Automotive, Autodesk’s acquisition of Alias, gave it a foot in the door, adding Class-A Surfacing tools to their MCAD portfolio, and in many countries,…