Autodesk Inventor: Advanced Part Modeling Training

Autodesk Inventor Professional 3D mechanical CAD software

Autodesk Inventor: Advanced PART ModelLing Training

Based on part and multi-body part modelling, this course covers advanced and productivity topics such as solid modelling, b-rep surfacing, freeform T-Spline NURBS, 3D sketching, iParts, generative design and more.

Course Length: 16 hours – 4 x 4 Hour Sessions

Prerequisites: Autodesk Inventor introduction to solid modelling or equivalent.

Training Guide Contents

Chapter 1: Tips & Tools

  • Design Philosophies
  • Sketching Tips
  • Display Options
  • Appearances

Chapter 2: Sketching Tools

  • Splines
  • 3D Sketches

Chapter 3: Multi-Body Part Modelling

  • Multi-Body Part Modelling

Chapter 4: Advanced Work Features

  • Grounded Work Points
  • User Coordinate Systems

Chapter 5: Advanced Lofts, Sweeps, and Coils

  • Area Lofts
  • Advanced Sweeps
  • Coils

Chapter 6: Analysing a Model

  • Analysis Types
  • Analysis Procedures

Chapter 7: Generative Shape Design

  • Shape Generator

Chapter 8: Introduction to Surfacing

  • Introduction to Surfaces
  • Basic Surfaces
  • Patch Surfaces ▪ 
  • Ruled Surfaces
  • Stitch Surfaces
  • Sculpting with Surfaces
  • Thickening & Offsetting a Surface
  • Surfaces in Drawing Views

 Chapter 9: Additional Surfacing Options

  • Extend and Trim Surfaces
  • Replace Face with a Surface
  • Delete Faces
  • Copy Surfaces

Chapter 10: Copying Between Parts (iFeatures)

  • Creating iFeatures
  • Inserting iFeatures
  • iFeatures vs. Copy Feature
  • Table-Driven iFeatures
  • Editing iFeatures

Chapter 11: iParts

  • iPart Creation
  • iPart Placement
  • Editing an iPart Factory
  • Creating iFeatures from a Table-Driven iPart
  • Tables for Factory Members

Chapter 12: Importing & Editing CAD Data

  • Importing CAD Data (AnyCAD)
  • Exporting Geometry
  • Editing the Base Solid
  • Direct Edit
  • Attaching Point Cloud Data

Chapter 13: Working with Imported Surfaces

  • Importing Surfaces
  • Repairing Imported Surfaces

Chapter 14: Working with AutoCAD Data

  • Opening AutoCAD Files
  • DWG File Underlays

Chapter 15: Introduction to Freeform Modelling

  • Creating Freeform Geometry
  • Editing Freeform Geometry

Appendix A: Creating Emboss and Decal Features

  • Emboss Features
  • Decal Features

Appendix B: Custom Sketched Symbols

  • Create Sketched Symbols
  • Place Sketched Symbols
  • AutoCAD Blocks

Appendix C: CAD Management

  • Title Block and Border Customization
  • Style Library Manager

Appendix D: Engineer’s Notebook

  • Engineer’s Notebook
  • Notes

Appendix E: Autodesk Inventor Certification Exam Objectives

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