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Who Gives a Frack?

Coal Seam Gas said to Benefit Manufacturing in Victoria by Lowering Gas Prices. There’s a lot of health concerns about CSG affecting water tables but with an abundance of resources, energy prices being so high, big players lobbying and the need to create jobs can you blame people for wanting the industry in Victoria. The Victorian government have delayed…


Carbon Tax Repeal Bill Gets Through Lower House

Australia one step closer to being carbon tax free Today the House of Representatives have voted in favour of the carbon tax repeal bill. Controversially, the speaker ruled against Labour amendment proposals where they wanted the bill to have an ETS, saying they didn’t have the power to move the amendments. Most vocal were Labours Tony Burke, Anthony Albanese…


Caterpillar Underground Mining moving from Tasmania to Thailand

The Tasmanian Manufacturing Landscape CAT are moving their operations to Thailand and I’ve heard that the Tassie operation is their most expensive to run, so does it come as a big surprise when many companies on the mainland are moving their operations offshore to stay competitive. They say orders are down significantly, so why will moving to Thailand increase…