What Does The Carbon Tax Repeal Bill Mean for Manufacturing?

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The Carbon Tax has been repealed in the Federal Senate, so with the tax gone, marked at about $24 per tonne of carbon, how much will Australian businesses and manufacturers save and what will happen to the renewable energy sector. Most larger companies would have entered into electricity contracts that were either carbon inclusive or carbon exclusive. Many retailers were offering very attractive carbon…


Autodesk Clean Tech Program: Sustainable Designs for Tomorrow

Get $150,000 of software for $50, Workshops to Learn how to do sustainable design & engineering and understand key concepts, Sustainable business practices and Nonprofit donated software are some of the offerings Autodesk provide under their Clean Tech Program being driven by the design-led revolution. Clean Tech Innovators can apply for the $150k Clean Tech Grant Here and get Software for Digital…


Carbon Tax Repeal Bill Gets Through Lower House

Australia one step closer to being carbon tax free Today the House of Representatives have voted in favour of the carbon tax repeal bill. Controversially, the speaker ruled against Labour amendment proposals where they wanted the bill to have an ETS, saying they didn’t have the power to move the amendments. Most vocal were Labours Tony Burke, Anthony Albanese…