Autodesk Clean Tech Program: Sustainable Designs for Tomorrow

Get $150,000 of software for $50, Workshops to Learn how to do sustainable design & engineering and understand key concepts, Sustainable business practices and Nonprofit donated software are some of the offerings Autodesk provide under their Clean Tech Program being driven by the design-led revolution.

tesla tesla-thumb-252x150Clean Tech Innovators can apply for the $150k Clean Tech Grant Here and get Software for Digital Prototyping , PLM, Data Management and Building Design. One standout Clean Tech Partner is Tesla Motors; who make the Electric Supercar, others are BioLite HomeStoves, ElectronVault and Freiezo wind turbines.

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Autodesk’s Sustainability Workshop teaches you the concepts behind sustainable design for Buildings and Products with tutorials on making them. There are also links to Autodesk Learning, Blog, BPA Certifications and competitions.

Autodesk’s Sustainable Business Practices section gives you an overview on how they incorporate sustainability into their business and reduce emissions and this site goes into more depth of Autodesk’s approach.

The Technology Impact Program is for Nonprofit Innovators who want to change and help the 3rd world, Autodesk donate licences to such organisations too so they sustainability d-rev-thumb-252x150have the technology to design, engineer and provide the practical solutions they need.

For the commercial aspect of Autodesk Sustainability portfolio, they have Sustainability Solutions for buildings, infrastructure and manufacturing too.

Most of Autodesk’s Suites have an Eco Analysis Tools, like Product Design Suite with Autodesk Ec0-Adviser, where you can optimise the environmental impact, cost and performance of your product. There are three versions of Eco-Adviser; Base (Included in Inventor, Full (More materials and analysis tools) and Enterprise which allows you to work with your company’s own managed materials data within Inventor. Check out the comparison here

Autodesk Simulation & Sim 360 Cloud Software is also a great tool to analyse and optimise your design to make it greener.

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