Autodesk Launch Process Analysis 360

All manufacturers have processes and inevitably these processes have bottlenecks that need to be analysed, simulated and improved. Process Analysis 360, builds on the Factory Design Suite Portfolio by helping engineers and systems designers study and optimise manufacturing processes from any web0-enabled device.

block-diagram-tool-large-1152x720This is not a CAD product. You design a layout by drag and dropping block diagrams and can have an image underlay (showing the relative location of objects). You can then augment process models with factory assets, input the numbers such as setup time and processing times and run the simulation. Process analysis 360 will then identify the bottlenecks in your processes and provide detailed reports. This YouTube Video will run through step by step on creating a simple model.

With these toolsets you can validate your design choices and reduce errors. What I like about this product is it’s simplicity. Most factory layouts are done in 2D using AutoCAD, placing the assets accordingly. Once in a while, analysis needs to be done when new factory’s are being designed, being upgraded or changed. In these instances, the analysis can be done in-house or by external parties that either need to consult or are in the supply chain.

It’s centred around a factory layout, but every business has processes and they all need to be analysed and fined tuned, so it could extend to PLM ideology.

Right now it is free to use, but should be available by subscription by either standalone or with Factory Design Suite if you go by Autodesk’s previous 360 product releases and strategy.

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